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Sindiswa Health

Sindiswa Health

Sindiswa is a Xhosa word that means to be saved. In the medical context, this is called prophylaxis and is defined as treatment given or an action that is taken in order to prevent disease.

This service can be viewed by some as a clinic on wheels. We have a nurse on standby that is ready to come to your home, office, or another venue that is convenient for you. We offer a wide range of services that are part of the services offered at a conventional clinic.


These services include but are not limited to drawing blood for lab tests and interpreting the results for our clients, immunizations for infants, vaccinations for pediatrics and adults.

The popular blood tests are the HbA1c for diabetics and the cholesterol tests for both hypertensive and diabetic patients.

Please note that we also offer a holistic approach to care where we can do a review of your entire medical history and check for any drug-drug interactions and other details we can identify during the visit. This will include a random blood glucose test and a blood pressure test.

First Aid Classes

Partnered with skilled paramedics who can provide classes to a group of people that may be in any kind of relevant space. From individuals working in high-risk environments like construction to those who work in the corporate world where there is a risk of slips, trips, and falls. We can help you to combine a First Aid Kit for home use, for use in industry and for use in the retail or warehouse setting. We also offer already packed first aid kits for sale.

Travel Clinic

Planning a trip and want to know which disease conditions are prevalent in that particular city? We can help with that. We will assist with a list of prevalent disease conditions to watch out for and advise you on how to avoid being affected by those diseases.

Immunizations (routine and/or catch-up) and Vaccinations

From the immunizations done immediately after birth to vaccinations needed in the workplace or the common flu vaccine.

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