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Unless you visit your nearest pharmacy...
You've limited access to the correct medicinal information

Why is that?

  • Why is it so costly to access healthcare?
  • Why can’t you reach a pharmacist when you want to?
  • Why is it complex to put my pharmaceutical product on the market?


Mkhatshane Consulting

  • We are your trusted source of medicinal information.
  • We are here to help you reach new frontiers in your pharmaceutical business.
  • We are here to decrease chronic disease burden in South Africa.

Our Business Units


Zakhele Solutions

Zakhele Solutions is our core business. We consult and provide pharmaceutical information to the relevant person when required. This includes assistance in the manufacturing, registration, importation/exportation and selling of medicines.
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Ask Lwanda

Ask Lwanda is a service where anyone can have direct, real-time communication with a pharmacist whilst sitting in a taxi, flight, at home or during lunch break at work. The service is available to everyone who has WhatsApp in South Africa.
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sindiswa health

Sindiswa Health

This service can be viewed by some as a clinic on wheels. We have a nurse on standby that is ready to come to your home, office or any other venue that’s convenient for you.
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Pharmacy Locums

The company has a group of highly skilled pharmacists and pharmacy assistants who are available to be hired for locum services.
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Workshop Facilitator

HWSETA Certified facilitator who has been facilitating workshops for Learner Basic Pharmacy Assistants and Learner Post Basic Pharmacy Assistants for 2 years through the Health Science Academy (HSA).

Mkhatshane Consulting: Who We Are

Founded in 2015 and officially registered in 2017, Mkhatshane Consulting is a company that provides pharmaceutical services to varying individuals in the community. This includes business owners, cooperate and individual patients.

The company was founded by Mr. L Mkhatshane, who holds a B. Pharm degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

“There are all these different fields of healthcare, the pharmacies (retail, manufacturing, wholesale), medical aids, the hospitals and the doctors and the patient is often caught in the middle having to choose which will give the best service. I am here to help make that process as less painful as possible.”

You can AskLwanda for advice on which product to buy for a particular condition so that you are guaranteed efficacy and not have to go back to the pharmacy because the medication didn’t work.

AskLwanda whether or not your medical aid will pay for a particular product and which options you have as substitutes or generics.

Years of Experience
Pharmacy Industry Exposure
Industry Awards

Who's behind Mkhatshane Consulting?


Lwanda Mkhatshane

Founder & MD

Mr. L Mkhatshane is a young, vibrant, motivated and skilled pharmacist who graduated with a B. Pharm degree from Wits University in South Africa. He has worked in several sectors within the pharmacy umbrella. These sectors include Retail Pharmacy, Manufacturing (Pharmaceutical Industry) with a strong Quality Assurance inclination, Hospital Sector and Primary Health Care just to name a few.
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