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Zakhele Solutions

Zakhele is a Xhosa word that means to build for yourself. It is through this initiative that we will assist entrepreneurs and small-medium enterprises to build their empire.

We seek to uplift and empower the network of herbalists, who largely operate in silos and informally.
The vision is to bring the collective intelligence of African Herbalists and formalize their trade by commercializing their medicines.
We use the expertise of a Professional Pharmacist who will ensure that herbal medicine is credible and widely accessible to a market that ordinarily would not have been able to access it.

What we’ll help you with:

  • Manufacturing of medicines.
  • Registration of Medicines with SAHPRA
  • Importation/Exportation of medicines.
  • Selling of Medicines
  • Compliance with Good Pharmacy Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, and the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act.

We will therefore be able to open new market opportunities to small business owners whilst being able to provide a service to the middle-class market that has not always been able to go back to their communities to purchase herbal medicine they grew up using due to their own upward mobility within the social spectrum. Professionalizing this sector means that we will are able to reach a market outside the immediate environment of the small herbal traders.

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